How To Determine Value Of Land In Tennessee – The Art And Science Of Valuation

If you’re thinking of buying or even just wondering how much a parcel of land is worth, then you need to find information about how to determine the value of land in Tennessee. In this blog post, you’ll read our best advice about how to do that…

What You Need To Know First About How To Determine Value Of Land In Tennessee

The very first thing you need to know is: it’s an art and a science. It’s not one or the other. There are many factors that go into determining the value of land and there is never one single amount that you can say without a doubt, “THIS is what my land is worth.” We’ll give you some of the factors to check, but please know when it comes to determining the value of land in Tennessee, you need to consider an approximate range of values.

Market Price Is One Way To Determine Value Of Land In Tennessee

I have heard it said for years that the only way to know the value of land is to sell it. The price someone is willing to pay for land is its true value. Of course, you might not be ready to buy (perhaps you’re just trying to see how much you will need to pay for it) but certainly the most definitive answer you can get is how much are you willing to pay to buy your land. But as you’ll soon see, there are other important factors as well…

Online Prices Shouldn’t Be A Way To Determine Value Of Land In Tennessee

When you’re thinking about valuing a property, one of the first places that many people look is websites claiming to give you the value of a piece of land. (Zillow is one such site but there are others on the internet.) Use caution with these numbers! They are derived from a number of factors and should only be considered one piece of information you consider in a much larger puzzle. I have noticed these numbers can be wrong up to 50% in some areas. Sometimes their value is too high and sometimes it is too low. Also county assessments can vary quite a bit as well.

Agent Market Valuations Are A Simple Way To Determine Value Of Land In Tennessee

Real estate agents often offer free market valuations to home and land owners. You might consider calling up an agent and asking for their market valuation. The agent will review data from comparable properties that have sold recently in the area as a way to help you determine the value of your land you are considering. Remember, their valuation is not a perfect number (since factors change) but it’s a good starting point especially if you are looking to buy your property with an agent.

Here’s The Most Important Way How To Determine Value Of Land In Tennessee

Ultimately, the best judge of the value is YOU and your plans for the land. People evaluating the same piece of land will get very different answers – if one is a farmer wondering how hard it will be to clear the land and grow a crop, and if another is an owner who wants to build a getaway home in the wooded area, and if a third is a property developer looking to split the land and create a subdivision, each person will value the land according to their needs and wants. So what do YOU see yourself doing with the land? (Keep in mind value is not always a financial cost but also includes your time, effort, and ultimately enjoyment you can get from the land).

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